Jacaranda Books Acquires US Bestselling Writer Bernice McFadden

Jacaranda Books has acquired the latest book from critically acclaimed US author Bernice McFadden in a deal struck with US publisher Akashic Books. The Book of Harlan, will be released in the UK, Africa and Asia by the diversity-led British publishing house later this year.

McFadden is the author of nine novels, including Sugar, The Warmest December and NYT Editor’s Choice Gathering of Waters, which was voted one of the 100 Most Notable Books of 2012. The Book of Harlan, a historical novel part inspired by McFadden’s own family history, follows the life of Harlan, a travelling musician from Georgia who is imprisoned in a concentration camp in Paris when the city comes under Nazi occupation.

The novel is written with powerful prose, evocative of time and place, and highlights a poorly documented group of victims of the Nazi regime. McFadden says of the book “I realized that while much had been written about the Jewish victims, the fate of Africans and African Americans at the hands of the Nazis was less well documented. I was fascinated by this discovery and set about writing a story that would illuminate this hidden verity.”

Valerie Brandes, founder and publisher at Jacaranda Books, expressed her pride at acquiring the work of such an ‘influential and accomplished’ author and publishing an important work that brings to light yet another aspect of the Second World War.

The Book of Harlan will be available in the UK in October 2016 and will feature an afterword written by award- winning British historian Stephen Bourne.


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