Readers: We want to give you books!

If you enjoy reading and you’re interested in the UK’s most exciting new books, you need look no further than the contemporary small press.  Each year, the list of UK small publishers is growing, and each year the quality of books being published is being more and more highly recognised.  In 2012, three small independent UK publishers had books in the Booker Prize shortlist, and 2015’s Guardian First Book Award longlist was ‘dominated’ by small independent publishers.

Here at the contemporary small press, we want to celebrate that success and help more readers to find the books they’ll love from the UK’s best small publishers.

That’s why we’re looking for a panel of readers to read and review this year’s new releases from the small press.

Readers on our panel will receive review copies of small publishers’ new releases and will be asked to submit their reviews to be published on this site.  Reviews are vital for helping readers to find the books they love, meaning that more readers will be able to find more great books from the UK small presses this year.

In 2015, Claire Armistead, literary editor at the Guardian said:

“It’s been a fascinating year, which has confirmed the increasingly important role independent publishers are playing in infusing new blood into literature.  With the industry struggling to make the transition into the digital age, editors in the larger houses are finding themselves under increasing pressure to make a commercial case for each acquisition.  So smaller publishers, for whom risk is an unavoidable fact of life, are driving innovation.”

That’s why we think that if you want to read the UK’s best new books, you need to be reading from the small press.

If you want to be the first in line for this year’s new releases, and you want to share your passion for books with other readers, please send us an email to to find out more.

Your email must include: Your name; Your reading interests/passions/preferred genres; Why you want to review for the contemporary small press; and if possible, a short review of a recent book that you’ve read.  Readers selected for the panel will be sent further information and guidelines for writing and submitting their reviews.

Be the first to read this year’s best new books from the UK’s small publishers, and help other readers to find the books they’ll love.  Email us now at



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