Small Presses: Writers, Publishers and Readers

Here at the contemporary small press, we’re interested in everything to do with the contemporary UK small press scene.  We love new writing that challenges conventions, takes risks and feels empassioned.

We know that this bravery and passion permeates every player in small press publishing, and is exuded in every aspect of the process.  The writers, poets, editors, artists, designers and printers who are most passionate about bringing new and innovative writing to equally passionate readers because they believe in books and they believe in better writing.  We also know that this is often a hard slog and a thankless task.

Small presses are not only responsible for bringing daring new content to devoted readers, but they are also responsible for all of their own production, marketing, social media, distribution, networking, launches, events and everything else involved with the release and long-term sale of a book.  Many small presses pride themselves on their developmental relationship with their writers, nurturing them and their writing careers from manuscript to print and beyond.  All this takes time, dedication and hard work – over and over again.  And yet small presses are thriving, their numbers growing and their readerships increasing.

One of the greatest challenges faced by many contemporary UK small presses is making and maintaining a connection with new readers.  Many presses will have an established following of readers, perhaps geographically localised or grown out of a niche interest in the specific type of content.  But reaching new readers can be tricky, especially in this age of media saturation and multi-million budgets for the larger mainstream publishing houses.

This website, run by the University of Westminster, aims to be a modest forum for small presses to share news, ideas and content with readers and with one another.  It is our hope that UK small presses will use this site to post articles of interest and that readers will use this site discover new and exciting works from the contemporary small press.  We hope that new readers will discover the work of the small press and that this site can be used as a space for dialogue and discussion between small presses, writers, poets and their (new and existing) readers.

To this end, we aim to be continually updating our links to contemporary UK small presses, posting content shared from the presses, writers and poets and publishing regular interviews, features and reviews of new works by small presses.  We also intend to connect readers with small presses through events and opportunities to get involved.

If you are involved with a small press and you would like to feature on a future blog post, or if you are a reader who would like to get involved, please send us an email to or leave a comment below.  Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Small Presses: Writers, Publishers and Readers

  1. Hello there! What a fantastic site you guys are running. As we go, we’re more a collective of creatives, committed to featuring new and aspiring writers and artists, utilising digital technology as a means of lowering costs, etc. in a world of increasingly tight economic margins.

    So, not technically a small press – but if you’d like a blog or other item for us, we’d be only too happy to write one for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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