This vibrant and informative post from the early years of the small press renaissance summarises pretty well how we feel about small presses here at the contemporary small press. It’s well worth a read and full of great information and advice that remains relevant today. Enjoy!

Trapped on a rock floating in space

warholcs Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


Evidently, this article dates back to the time when my hair was blue, black and purple and I resembled Philip Oakey. Ah, those were the days! Bread was less than a dollar (LESS THAN A DOLLAR!). We had to walk a mile to school in the snow, frozen bread in hand, but we were happy. Those were the halcyon days of fanzines, chapbooks and Factsheet Five. Self-publishing meant serious commitment – hours and days spent photocopying, binding, mailing review copies and distributing chapbooks to local independent book stores. None of this push-of-the-button digital stuff! Anyway, as I prepare to push the button on this post, here’s an essay I wrote about my passion for independent publishing. Two key small press publishers are mentioned – C.F. Kennedy and John MacNeil. Alas, they are no longer with us, but I am including their…

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